A Mock MOT Test

This Mock MOT test is meant for use strictly as a guide to help you get prepared to put your car through the MOT test, it is not an official test.

This guide is usefull to give you an understanding of what is involved in an MOT test.

Items tested under the MOT:

MOT check for mirrors

An MOT test will inspect the condition of your mirrors, to make sure all of the required mirrors are present and check they are firmly attached securely.

You are required to have on a car one wing mirror or door mirror and an internal rear view mirror. The glass on all mirrors will be checked for security and to make sure the condition is road worth for example they mirror is not cracked or has sharp edges.

MOT check for Doors

Firstly the doors must open and close freely. The door must stay securely in the closed position when shut. The front doors of the vehicle must open from outside and inside. If the car is a five door the rear doors may be used to test items in the back of the vehicle for example rear seatbelts.
rusty old door hinge mot failure

When the MOT garage inspects the front doors both will be opened and their condition and fastening to the vehicle will be checked to ensure they are deemed fit for use on the road.

Common faults

MOT check for seats

The MOT test checks that all seats in the car are properly secured, it also checks that the seats are secure when in the upright driving position.

Both front seats must be securely fastened to the vehicles floor, any broken joints, nuts or bolts will cause an MOT failure.

MOT check for seatbelts

Any compulsory seatbelt must be in place, some older cars did not have rear seatbelts fitted if this is the case they are not required to pass an MOT.
seat belt mot

Seatbelts in the vehicle will be inspected for condition, operation and security to the car. Any damage to the seatbelt itself can cause an MOT failure this includes rips & fraying.

For obvious reasons this is an integrale part of the cars safety system and therefore is very important to be working correctly.

MOT check for Horn

The horn must function correctly and be audible, the switch must be clearly labeled and accesible.

MOT check for Lights

All lights will be checked for operation, condition, securely fastened to the vehicle and that they are of the correct colour according to the light. The main headlamps aim will be checked to make sure they are useable at the angle they have been set.

The lights checked are side lights and headlamps, Rear fog lamps, rear reflectors, number plate lamps, stop lights, indicators and hazard lights.

The best way to check all of these is to get assistance or ask in your local car accesories center.

MOT check for Registration Plate

Your registration plate must be visible from the front and rear of the vehicle, it must be of the standard font and be easily readable. It may fail if cracked in such a way that the numbers or letters are unrecogniseable.

MOT check for Vehicle Identification Number

The VIN number Only one VIN number should be present on any vehicle first used on or after August 1980, this may be placed more than once on the car.

The VIN number is sometimes called the chassis number, this must be securely fastened and legible.

A Vehicle identification Number is a specific number unique to the vehicle it is placed on. It is most likely to be located under the bonnet rivoted to the bulkhead or chassis.

MOT check for Exhaust Emissions

The vehicle must meet the minimum requirement for exhaust emissions produced, this can vary according to the age and type of fuel the vehicle use's.

The Test procedure

The car will be connected to a special type of computer to measure carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide levels to check they are not excessive, if they are found to be high the vehicle will fail the MOT.

Common faults of exhaust emissions

MOT check for Exhaust system

The exhaust must be complete and secured to the vehicle it must silence effectively and have no serious leaks.

Exhaust test procedure

The whole system must be fixed securely on the vehicle, it must use the purposefully fitted exhaust mount or exhaust rubbers. The exhaust must not leak and have no serious corrosion.

It must be silenced efficiently depending on the make and model of the vehicle. It may fail an MOT if it is too loud.

Common exhaust faults

MOT check for Fuel system

All fuel caps must fasten and seal correctly, the whole fuel system will be checked extensively for leaks, safety and corrosion that may have been caused by leaking fuel.

All fuel lines will be checked for potential leaks and damage. The fuel system is followed all the way through to the fuel injectors or carb, any leak found will be an MOT failure.

Common fuel system faults

MOT check for Wipers and Washers

MOT check for Steering and Suspension

MOT check for Vehicle Structure

MOT check for Wheels and Tyres

MOT check for Brakes

MOT check for Windscreen

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